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Our customers are enthusiastic about the level of service they have received from Monrovia Lockshop. 

People at the Monrovia Lock Shop are friendly, personable & extremely efficient. I had the service completed within 1 hour of my call and would highly recommend their service to anyone.   - Candice C.


 Needed to get the locks changed on our new home.  Monrovia Lock Shop was able to come out to our home on short notice while I had a half-day off work (I called that afternoon).  Professional and courteous service.  I would totally recommend them.

- Anne and Jason W.

I never thought finding an old skeleton key to open my great-grandmother's hope chest would be such a trial. Of course, over the years the key was lost. 

I Googled locksmith skeleton key, called and emailed, and there were no locksmiths with any type of key that would fit. They all suggested trying an antique dealer and said the only thing they could do would ruin the chest lock and probably part of the wood.

My friend, a realtor (these folks know everyone!) suggested that I call  Darryl at Monrovia Lockshop and see what he might be able to do. Darryl is the only locksmith in L.A. County with skeleton keys and he let me take the whole batch of keys he had home with me to see if any were a fit. He didn't even charge to take them!

Three were close but did not turn the lock. Darryl came to our house the next day, worked with the lock and keys for awhile and before our eyes, filed and adjusted one of this skeleton keys until it fit and easily opened our family heirloom. He spent over an hour working with that chest, then charged me $85, a bargain in anyone's book! I gave him $100 and insisted he keep the change - this job would easily have cost us more than double for all the time he took, the fact that he is the only guy around with this special talent for obscure needs...I will highly recommend Darryl to anyone and everyone. 

I will have Darryl change all of the locks on our business doors shortly (and recommend him to future renters, plus all of our neighbors), then the locks on our house so that they are all finally keyed alike. I know I could have had this ordinary, mundane stuff done at anytime by anyone else but Darryl is the first businessman we have found in years that likes his work, works hard to please and performs excellently (PLUS, he is more than fair with billing!!). 

In a time when there are liars, cheats and thieves in So.Cal. businesses, poor attitudes. mediocrity at best, late or no-shows, etc., it is refreshing to be introduced to such an inspiration. Thanks Darryl - you truly ARE the best!

- Vicky R.

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